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Welcome back all to the January 31 issue of Kanna Knowledge:

Among the items we have discussed in the past is the use of CBD for palliative NOT curative purposes. The cannabis scientific sections are now beginning to see this more clearly and writing/publishing about it. Kanna Risk Management believes there is danger with insurance carriers not understanding the many claims being made and the various treatments now becoming more well-known and acceptable. We have seen several lawsuits alleging “curative powers” made by cannabis companies and last issue discussed several: including Multiple Sclerosis. This article discusses The Pineal Gland.

Often referred to as the primordial third eye and anatomical enter of human spirituality, this gland has been discussed for centuries because of it’s receptivity to psychoactive drugs like O’Leary’s use in the 60’s. Some research after those days linked cannabis to improved irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, high blood pressure with the concomitant use of meditation.

Cannabis has been regularly used in India and was even noted in the Sacred texts of the Atharva Veda where Lord Shiva would use the plant to clear his mind and rejuvenate his thought process. In Tibet, the Tantric monks would use cannabis to help with meditations. Tibetans also used the plant and in modern day Nepal Hindu priests named Sadhus, are given permission by the government to use. When asked, about this 80% of Sadhus told people that it helped it aided meditation. How though does cannabis effect meditation?

Cannabinoids, the chemicals inside cannabis act on the Endocannabinoid system and often reduce anxiety and create creative impulses as has been reported. A sense of calmness and as we have reported improve some physiological disorders may be improved.

If a dispensary customer decides to implement this utilization, what will the ingestion method be? Smoking takes about 15 minutes to feel effects and ingesting edibles one to 2 hours as this writer reported many, many, months ago. But as I reported, there were no warnings on the packaging, and this is the liability danger. Being stoned for hours was not my plan.

Sativa strains are more energizing than Indica’s. Kanna Risk Mangement has a CBD patch which we believe is the most effective form for transmission in either strain but this is not on the market yet. We believe that Ingestion and smoking can be harmful to internal organs whereas a transdermal res patch makes direct transmission to the bloodstream and bypasses organs but the feeling of being high is much stronger in Sativa no matter what the distribution system.

In closing we want the reader to be apprised of the almost incalculable uses for cannabis in any form. But please make sure that the public advertising and packaging tells the end user about the potential effects of both and possible results whether it is for fun or relaxation.

See you in February…

Michael B

P.S. A good book to read about the above subject is: “Cannabis in Medicine” An Evidence Based Approach by Kenneth Finn: Editor