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Nowadays it’s easy to take your pick of cannabis edibles at dispensaries and other retail locations. That’s convenient if you’re eating on the go, or taking your selections back to your house, the office or a party. But what about sitting down at a restaurant or fast-food outlet: can you get your buzz along with your burger?

Increasingly the answer is yes. What for many years was an underground happening — secret “invitation-only” cannabis dinners conducted by chefs and restauranteurs in the days before legalization — is now in the open. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the most popular locations to experience cannabis-friendly dining.

Starting on the West Coast, Los Angeles’s Cannabis Café bills itself as America’s original cannabis restaurant. Guests can smoke weed in public, and are waited on by two servers; one for food and one for cannabis flower, edibles, dabs and more. They are currently closed for the pandemic, but expect to reopen soon.

North in Portland, the Hemp Bar serves diners CBD-infused foods and beverages, along with hemp flower, pre-rolls and other hemp products. Public consumption of cannabis is prohibited in Oregon, so they provide the next best opportunity.

Moving on to Phoenix, famed “Cannabis Chef” Derek Upton holds a series of evening fine dining events at the “420-friendly” Clarendon Hotel, featuring six courses of culinary delights infused with 2.5mg of THC. Held Thursday through Saturday, the dinners are held on the hotel’s rooftop skydeck and are considered one of Phoenix’s most popular attractions.

In Chicago, Chef Manuel Mendoza and his team offer a similar gourmet cannabis dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings at Herbal Notes. Chef Mendoza’s experience is unique in that he combines wellness education and curated music into his dinners.

And in Burlington VT, you can enjoy CBD-infused cocktails, pastries and coffee at Monarch And The Milkweed. Open in the evenings, this popular upscale spot is known for its cannabis confections including truffles, marshmallows, gumdrops and more. We should also mention Cheba Hut, the cannabis-themed fast food sub chain with locations in 14 states. While their menu is full of weed puns, none of their food contains any cannabis whatsoever — but the experience is arguably well worth the trip.

Photo Courtesy of Herbal Notes