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Hello everyone and welcome to Kanna Knowledge’s nearly final issue: I want to tell you today about governmental action in the cannabis space that will, as we have written only increase as the business becomes larger, more diverse and all of those governmental agencies decide to step in and make new regs causing insurance coverages to become more complicated and helpful to the plaintiff attorney bar.

Last month the Department of Transportation proposed its own testing policies: yes, you read that correctly

The new regs make it difficult for users of cannabis who use the drug off-duty, because the agency wants to implement saliva testing to reduce false positives. The agency currently relies on urinalysis for use but has decided that there are too many false positives with this methodology: really. THC can be detected in saliva as early as one hour to one day after use. More government regulations like this will certainly be passed down and implemented by states’ bureaucrats and used by plaintiff attorneys to file litigation against our industry.

Last, year Dale Gieringer, director of the industry’s oldest advocacy group, NORML, says that all levels of government will be expanding regulations and methodologies for testing; We wonder why, with all the tax money being collected and MMJ becoming more acceptable. Cannabis will eventually be dropped from The Controlled Substance list how so how far will this go? Illinois’ (3rd largest national seller of MMJ) House of Representatives recently passed a bill to PREVENT workers from being fired because of off-duty use. As workplace testing rules evolve in tandem with new positive scientific evidence about MMJ’ s benefits, many more people will become users and the industry, but seemingly not the government, knows this.

In a related note we have read that a couple of the current, smaller, non-admitted cannabis carriers are being examined for surplus adequacy. While claims are flowing in at a relatively small rate, there will be more. Please be certain that you and your your clients are aware of this for obvious reasons: mostly being aware of the fund for bankrupt carriers which will not help.

See you next time …. be safe and well …

Michael B