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Hello all and welcome back to Kanna Knowledge..This is our last twice-monthly 2020 issue as we will put out a major one in December for the holidays..I want to speak about cannabidiol today because it has become a hot topic in the medical community, and with more states allowing it, there is increasing exposure to unforseen insurance claims.

The product labels reveal that they contain cannabidiol with one or more of 100 identified compounds present in the cannabis plant. Although these are not THC infused, Dr. Bauer’s patients take these for anxiety, sleep disorders and pain. CBD is available in teas, coffees, bath salts and even bacon flavored dog biscuits. Bauer believes that profits are motivating businesses to sell more and more CBD to more and more people without proper or even any supervision.

These compunds fall into the category of dietary supplements often also being sold in natural and health food channels and of course dispensaries. Everyone knows the local health food store that has salespeople who believe they are pharmacists. The question remains “Is it a drug or supplement” and is it safe at any consumption level. We all know that unregulated items are easily available are often abused by people who have given up presciptions for alternative medicine.

Truth is, even with pharmaceutical grade CBD, potentially dangerous events might occur. These adverse events are totally unpredictable because, in part, actual product ingredients might not be the same as those listed on the simplified packaging description.

Last June, Epidolex became the first Federally approved drug that has CBD as an active ingredient. Conducted clinical trials for seizure disorder in epileptics found that elevated liver enzymes, diarrhea, somnolence and decreased apppetite were common side effects. GW Pharma has been required by the FDA to conduct post-market studies to assess this drug’s potential effects on the liver. So … even the government has issues and so should cannabis insurance companies, customers,and reinsurers think about this new phenomenon. GW hs remained silent so far but we here at Kanna Knowledge want consumers and their brokers to be aware of these issues and make sure there are no exclusions in policies. CBD is not the innocent lamb it has been portrayed as, but IS NOT a narcotic.

That’s it for now … we will be back in Mid December.

Michael B