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The KannaKnowledge team has been walking the aisles of the USA•CBD Expo that just finished up at Chicago’s McCormick Place, looking for any new innovations in cannabis on display. While the majority of exhibitors at this event fall into the retail products category, we did uncover some interesting outliers to feature in this issue.

Chief among them is a revolutionary CBD mattress called the ZBD Bed. This foam “mattress-in-a-box” differs from the many other online brands in this relatively new category as its cover is made with micro-encapsulated CBD. The goal is to help buyers of the mattress sleep better, with less pain, stress a consistent nightly dose of CBD.

The mattress construction has three foam inner layers similar to others on the market: a top comfort layer of pressure-relieving foam, a middle high-density layer that reduces motion, and a bottom support layer. These are encased in a removable cover that contains 12 grams of microcapsules of hemp-based CBD per square meter — each microcapsule holding 48mg of CBD isolate. The individual microscopic droplets  remain dormant until friction caused by the movement of a person lying in the bed makes them release CBD.

As the CBD is released, it makes contact with the sleeper’s skin, assuring that the mattress owner benefits from receiving a gradual supply of CBD each night. The technology used allows the isolate to penetrate through one additional layer of fabric beyond the cover itself, allowing for sheets to be used on the mattress. When the zippered cover is unwashed, 100% of the CBD infusion remains in the cover. After 10 washes, 32% of the CBD remains present in the mattress cover. If sleepers no longer feel the effects, they can purchase a new zippered cover with fresh CBD.

The micro-encapsulation technology is the key, as simply applying CBD oil to a conventional mattress would not work effectively. The heat that has to be applied when infusing foams or fabrics would “burn away” most of the CBD’s desired properties and deprive it of any longevity. While CBD is known to work differently for everyone, taking it consistently has always been a key to experiencing desired relief, and the makers of ZBD Bed feel there is nothing easier than a mattress which provides your doses for you automatically.

As you’d expect, there are add-on enhancements also available. A CBD-infused memory foam pillow that provides additional bodily absorption. And two sizes of pet beds, made so that Fluffy and Fido can also enjoy a good night’s sleep.