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This holiday season was the richest ever in high-tech gear, unique gadgets and fancy housewares for cannabis enthusiasts — with gift-giving that was much more creative than just a Ziploc bag of weed. Here’s a by-no-means-inclusive list of popular items that people enjoyed receiving — and that you can certainly consider purchasing at what may be likely after-holiday sale prices.

Odor-lock Caddies. While it may be legal in many places, it doesn’t have to be conspicuous or make the user instantly noticeable. That’s why just like cell phone cases, there has been a proliferation of bags and containers in all shapes, sizes, designs and fastening mechanisms, all with smell-proof seals — and many people can’t have enough.

Automatic Cannabis Mills. There’s nothing wrong with manually grinding flower and rolling joints, but not everyone excels at old-school techniques. Entering the marketplace: all-in-one tools that precision mill with self-adjusting blades and automatically fill pre-rolled cones.

Compact Vaporizers. The technology just keeps getting better and better, and today’s newest models boast such features as ultra-fast charging, rapid heat-up, ceramic-coated filling chambers and sleek designs.

All-In-One Infusers. Home chefs are increasingly looking to make their own edibles, and a device to decarb (activate) flower before cooking, baking or infusing makes it easy to prepare a wide range of favorites with the push of a button.

Insulated Stainless Steel Bongs. Glass is certainly traditional and decorative, but many prefer the cooler hits provided through double-wall insulated construction that can keep ice and water cold for hours. Plus, ceramic interiors hit and clean like glass — for a high-tech high.

Houseplant Car Lighter. This is one item we’ll credit by name; it’s from Seth Rogen’s company and it’s one example of the handmade ashtrays, lighters, rolling trays and more all crafted from marble, ceramics and other elegant materials. Truly one-of-a-kind gifts.

Bluetooth-Enabled Vaporizer. There’s a whole new breed of intelligent hand-held vaporizers that let you connect to your computer or phone app for personalized control of flavor and vapor settings. Many work with both loose flower and concentrates.