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Hello readers, Michael B here with increasing twists on cannabis writings, pronouncements, and health claims being made by the industry today.

One of these that struck this writer was “Can Cannabis help manage symptoms of MS? (Multiple Sclerosis). If you have a client selling product and advertising this cure all to the outside world: beware.

The cause of this chronic disease is unknown and is characterized by the immune system attacking the central nervous system, nerve fibers myelin sheaths (a fatty substance that aids in their communications) in the brain and spinal cord. This usually leads to fatigue, numbness, vision loss, paralysis and often a diminished brain capability. There is research being completed on this topic but at this point there is only a governmentally approved spray called Sativex that has both THC and CBD. Among the successes with this prescription, mentioned in a recent neurology magazine, the authors wrote that spasticity pain and urinary frequency among MS sufferers was that it was marginally effective although it has no efficacy for tremors.

In a later study it was reported that THC in a ratio of 1;1 with CBD may reduce spasticity, fatigue and perhaps mobility in some sufferers. Truth is that further research needs to be conducted but recently Kanna Knowledge learned that the National MS Society is advocating for the removal of Federal barriers towards legalization. While we are all hoping for this ASAP Washington seems distracted from this issue.

Scientists report that there are at least one hundred cannabinoids, often abbreviated to THC and CBD but not all plants produce them. There are many biological terms to describe this science towards unlocking the secrets of cannabis benefits for many, many, other diseases like sleeplessness, anxiety, blood sugar control, arthritis and many other neurological disorders besides MS.

The problem we are noting is that a few cannabis companies are now promoting these cure-all possibilities in their advertising and public marketing. Why even Jimmy Kimmel did a monologue on CBD this week (“all the time we’ve been listening to the CDC we should have been eating CBD”.) So, are your insureds conducting these kind of promotions and telling customers about the still untested/unknown benefits of CBD and THC? Please watch their marketing campaigns because suits will be filed if a claim is made about unproven benefits when there is an untoward event.

There are many companies doing legitimate research on these issues but we are far away from conclusive evidence of the curative cannabis plant and the knowledge base of your carriers is still weak so “Duty to defend” might become a large issue going forward. We will write on this as time goes on. Be safe and well…see you next time….MB

P.S. Here is a great book to better understand CBD and health: “Healing With CBD” by Eileen Konieczny: RN